34/52 – Seven Dials, Covent Garden

We have always been of opinion that if Tom King and the Frenchman had not immortalised Seven Dials, Seven Dials would have immortalised itself.  Seven Dials! the region of song and poetry—first effusions, and last dying speeches…

 The stranger who finds himself in ‘The Dials’ for the first time, and stands, Belzoni-like, at the entrance of seven obscure passages, uncertain which to take, will see enough around him to keep his curiosity and attention awake for no inconsiderable time.

IMG_8090 IMG_8082

Seven Dials, a busy intersection of winding streets and passageways, is hidden away just beyond the main square of Covent Garden. Perfect for a bit of Saturday-afternoon window shopping, a Sunday morning breakfast craving, or even a last minute dash to find the perfect gift, each of the seven little roads which come together to form the iconic ‘dial’ is brim full of boutiques, cafés, small designer outlets and even big name stores tucked neatly into the sort of high-end hipster aesthetic which Seven Dials carries off so perfectly.

IMG_8075 IMG_8073

I took Rob with me on my wanderings, and we decided to begin at the centre of the dial, and then explore each road and see what we could find. All of the shops look amazing, and the area just looks so colourful and enticing. The first place that caught my eye was the (bright yellow!) Burt’s Bees store. Stocked to the brim with my favourite brand of skincare (Yes I’m a middle aged lady and I have a favourite brand of skincare…), everything sold by Burt’s Bees is packaged so well and it smells so yummy, this would be a perfect place to find gifts (or even little treats for yourself!)

IMG_8088 IMG_8078 IMG_8080 IMG_8091

Around the corner, we popped into Urban Outfitters, which is a high street store I’m quite fond of. The Seven Dials store is so lovely, and we spent a long time browsing through all the books and albums they had on display. The buildings in this area are so beautiful, and the close knit construction of the streets makes for a lovely atmosphere. Every time we turned a corner there were new things to look at, and although many of the shops were way beyond my price range, all of the shops, including the ones that were student-budget-friendly, felt a little bit more special and ’boutiquey’, as if rewarding you for all the hard work you had to do to find them in the first place ;)

IMG_8095 IMG_8097 IMG_8098 IMG_8107

Although Seven Dials is definitely a bit of a maze, there are helpful maps up at regular intervals, and it makes your shopping experience feel a bit more like you’re really exploring an area, rather than just running down Oxford Street between H&M and Topshop.

Perhaps it was all this luxury boutiquey-ness and the little streets and all the hipsters, but I did pop into  Benefit and the lady was so nice and basically gave me a mini makeover (and didn’t look at me suspiciously when I told her that yes, I was wearing yesterday’s makeup – oops) that I did finally purchase some eyeliner that I’ve been after for ages. I got a tiny little bag and they even printed my name on the receipt! What ridiculously good customer service. (Although I feel I should mention my name was spelt wrong. Just call me Georig.)

IMG_8110 IMG_2166 IMG_8114 IMG_8115

Just beyond Benefit we found this crazy little reading room! It’s just a room full of books and chairs and the doors are left open all day and it’s just left to its own devices and nothing is nailed to the floor. You guys, I think that’s how you know that this area is seriously nice. Anyway, because I was with Robby I didn’t think it would be polite to sit down for an hour and read a book, but I definitely think I’m going to next time. It’s actually a book exchange so you could take a book, read it and chill out (perhaps with some bubble tea from around the corner?) and then when you’ve finished it, you can leave it behind and pick out a new book to take home. Amazing.

IMG_8117 IMG_8120 IMG_8123 IMG_8126

Our final hidden gem was Neal’s Yard. I have to say I found this inception-level confusing. You know Neal’s Yard Remedies? The Health and Beauty shop? Well, that is in Neal’s Yard. I’m not sure if the Yard is named after the shop or the shop is named after the Yard, but there are other shops in there (and a raw food café which looked amazing) which are also called Neal’s Yard  and it’s so confusing. But it doesn’t matter, the whole yard, whether it belongs to Neal or not, is totally beautiful, so colourful and full of benches and plants and amazing places to eat. The gluten-free, superfood, cold-press café looked amazing, but I have to confess I think I’d head straight for the pizza place! It smelled so so good.

Safe to say that the Seven Dials of today is very different, although no less intriguing, than that which Dickens described. I’ll leave you with this rather unflattering description, and you’ll have to make a trip to Seven Dials to see for yourself how much the place has changed and blossomed into quite an elegant, if rather sprawling and ungainly, little character.

From the irregular square into which he has plunged, the streets and courts dart in all directions, until they are lost in the unwholesome vapour which hangs over the house-tops, and renders the dirty perspective uncertain and confined; and lounging at every corner, as if they came there to take a few gasps of such fresh air as has found its way so far, but is too much exhausted already, to be enabled to force itself into the narrow alleys around, are groups of people, whose appearance and dwellings would fill any mind but a regular Londoner’s with astonishment.

PV x

* Extracts from Charles Dickens’ Sketches by Boz: Seven Dials (1836). I would do anything to take old Charlie on a walking tour of 2014 Seven Dials, I’m pretty sure it would blow his little socks off. (And then we could go have pizza and talk about what exactly he thought he was doing marrying Mr Toots off to Miss Nipper, and how on earth he manages to keep that deadly sarcasm of his under control. We’d definitely hit it off and we’d probably go for cocktails afterwards.)  <3


Well, I’m sick. And as everybody knows, I am a massive drama queen. This means I’ve barely had any time to do anything what with all of the feeling-sorry-for-myself, snottily-moping-around-the-house and coughing-resentfully-at-anybody-who-will-listen. It’s a hard life. I even had to take the day off University on Monday so that I could have a full day of wallowing in self pity. Okay I’m sort of exaggerating but I actually am desperately ill. This aside, so much has happened recently that’s been pretty awesome, and I thought I’d share some unseen footage of the little bits of my life that I haven’t blogged about recently.  This is quite a picture-heavy post, but because I’m constantly taking photos of little happy moments, it’s always nice for me to look back  and remember all the good stuff. IMG_7906IMG_8016
I found this oh-so-romantic note from Rob. He left it in my copy of The Wasteland nearly three years ago and I just came across it when I pulled out Eliot again for my Modernism class. I love the idea that one day little notes like this will remind us of the first few years of our relationship and will be a cute reminder of how we used to be. IMG_8034IMG_8010
My Mum and my Granny came up to London to visit me and I got to take them both to Brick Lane. It was so nice to be able to share my favourite place ever, and my Granny was totally blown away by pretty much everything. I have so much love for the amazing women in my family (particularly these two) and spending time with them just fills me up with happiness and love for weeks afterwards. We went to see the awesome ‘take my lightning but don’t steal my thunder’ sculpture in Covent Garden (which is only there for a few more weeks so go check it out if you’re interested!) The Toy Story characters climbing all over the Brick Lane coffee sign also sort of made my day. IMG_8042 IMG_8020
In honour of their visit, I had a good old tidy of my room, and also added these fun gold typography posters to my last blank wall, just to fill the space and make it feel more completed. I thought these might end up being temporary, but I actually really like them! I completed them in a couple of hours with a gold sharpie and some glitter and I think the simplicity actually really works as my room is pretty full up of ‘stuff’ already! (sorry I realise the photo is a little blurry, I will give you a better look in a future blog post). I also had fun (yes, I had fun, I know how sad that sounds – don’t judge me) sorting through my makeup and other products and tidying up how they sit on my desk and bookcase. My makeup collection is such a mix of stuff that I’ve picked up over the years – which is no surprise as it’s a well known fact that I’m a #hoarder ;) IMG_8041IMG_5191
Some very miscellaneous stuff from this week – Rob and I went to Chichester (on a Wednesday afternoon, like a pair of pensioners), and I got some amaaaazing bargains in the River Island sale including the leopard print shoes of my dreams (and yes Rob was horrified too, but they’re lovely, I promise!) and this Mermaid notebook from Paperchase. Mermaids. Glittery. Mermaids. I love it! Also, how majestic is Noodles (our adopted house cat) looking nowadays? She is obviously thriving on the many hugs and kisses I give her when Tom is not looking… IMG_7871 IMG_7869 IMG_7832 IMG_4738IMG_4736IMG_4734
 Finally, some photos I found on my phone which just make me so happy. I love being able to pull out my phone and capture sweet moments (and selfies). Look how happy we look! Also, I know I look like I’m strangling Chelsey but I’m not! (or at least, I’m doing it with love…) and Tom and Imogen are just too cute (but don’t tell Tom I said that). I’m off to cover myself in blankets and sit in the living room coughing at everyone until they make me a lemsip ;)

PV x

Moon Phases ‘Headboard’ DIY

I made a thing. And it’s not pineapples. *applause*

You guys, I’m so happy with the way this DIY turned out – I went back and forth on the method for a little while and made some mistakes, but the end result was just as I’d hoped.


Searching for something to fill the space above my bed, I was inspired by some beautiful images of the phases of the moon. I initially wanted to frame large prints of each phase, but since the wall beside my bed already has three chunky frames hanging on it, I decided to use an embroidery hoop as the ‘frame’ instead.

The phases are made out of black paper which I ‘marbled’ with gold nail varnish. I know that sounds desperately confusing (or at least it did to me!), so let’s get right into it.

First, you can prep your embroidery hoops, if you like, by painting them black. I used 10″ (or 25cm) diameter hoops, and bought them from John Lewis. It cost me £12.50 for all five, but this was the most expensive part of the project so I figured that wasn’t too bad!

IMG_7762 IMG_7769

Next, I prepped the marbled paper. For this, you will need black paper (I used ten sheets) and gold nail varnish (you can use any brand, but just pick the cheapest you can as you’re going to be painting with it!). You will also need a shallow tin (I used a roasting tin lined with tinfoil so we don’t get nail varnish in our next roast dinner), and a cocktail stick or similar stirrer.

Fill your container with 2-3cm of water, and prepare to be utterly confused by the process of marbling. I joke, but it might help you to look through this tutorial before you start!

It’s a very simple process but I would suggest practising on some scrap paper first to help you get your head around it. First, pour the nail varnish onto the surface of the water (it helps if you move the nail polish bottle around in circles or in zigzags very quickly while you pour, rather than letting drips fall, as they’re too heavy and they’ll sink.

IMG_7771 IMG_7779

Once you’ve got a good swirl going on the surface of the water, use your cocktail stick to swirl the paint even more and create a gorgeous swirly pattern (am I saying swirly too much? I think it’s the nail varnish fumes…). Once you’re happy, place your black paper flat on the surface of the water, apply light pressure, and then lift it out. The nail varnish will have stuck to the paper, and you’re left with an awesome gold marbled effect for your moon phases. The first time I did this I had the genius idea of leaving the marbled paper to dry in between sheets of tin foil (I have absolutely no idea why I thought this would be clever), it got stuck to the tin foil and I had to throw it all away. Sad face. The second time around, I was careful to let the paint dry completely, and then leave them overnight under some heavy books to flatten them out.

IMG_7773 IMG_7777IMG_7841

NB: for the full moon you’ll need two A4 sheets stuck together in order to fill the embroidery hoop. I would advise using glue or double-sided tape to join these two pieces before marbling, so that the pattern matches up. Including these two you’ll need to ‘marble’ six pieces in total and leave four black.

Now you’re ready to construct the different phases. For the full moon, you’ve already got your two pieces all ready and marbled. For the half moons, you’ll need to stick a marbled piece to a plain black piece, and for the quarter moons you’ll need to cut the curved shape out of a marbled piece and then stick this onto a plain black piece. It’s pretty straightforward, so go ahead and get cutting and sticking. I made a template first so that the shape of the quarter moons would be consistent, and then went right ahead.

IMG_7888 IMG_7895 IMG_7899 IMG_7901

NB: make sure you pay attention to which side your half and quarter moons are so the hook on the embroidery hoop is still at the top – you’ll want one facing left and one facing right to make your display symmetrical.

Once you’ve got the shapes ready, pop them in the embroidery hoops by carefully sandwiching the paper between the inner and outer hoops, in just the same way that you’d do with fabric. Trim the excess paper, and fold the remainder closely around the hoop (see picture).

Now you’re ready to hang your hoops on the wall. I used string and command hooks and arranged them in a lil’ semicircle (while wishing I had about four more hands!) but you should do whatever works best in your space.

IMG_7909 IMG_7910 IMG_7913

I’m so so happy with this, I’ve been dragging all my housemates into my bedroom to admire my handiwork – it was totally worth the effort and now I’m searching for more things to marble!

PV x

My Top 5!

Let’s talk Winter essentials. And yes, I’m using the word ‘essential’ in sort of the same way that Waitrose seems to think ‘scented ironing water’ and ‘Vermicilli baskets’ are essentials, but bear with me here. We all have them – items that we reach for every single day and wouldn’t leave the house without.

Now that winter is really, really here (I’m almost sure it’s here this time, we keep getting strange cold snaps and then sunshine – madness!) I’ve been focusing on my little survival kit, and thought I’d share my top five things which I would absolutely recommend to anyone – seriously if you haven’t tried this stuff – I can’t recommend it enough. (But I’m going to try..)

Top Five YEs

1: Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm. I probably own about six of these and my absolute favourite is the rejuvenating formula with Acai berry. In cold weather it’s so important to keep your lips in good shape – I probably use my Burt’s Bees about fifteen hundred times a day and my lips love it!

2: Citymapper. This app is an absolute must have for anybody who lives in London or visits regularly . Download for free from the app store and you can effortlessly calculate routes to or from anywhere in London – it will even show you exactly how long your journey will take, and provide alternative routes if it’s raining! Genius.

3: Massive scarf! After about a year of seriously coveting my housemate Imogen’s huge gorgeous scarf (literally so big it’s like a picnic blanket) I found my own fluffy version in H and M. I love it. It makes a nice big wrap around your neck to keep you toasty warm, and doubles as a sort of peasant-style-shawl for when you’re in the library,  you’re cold, and you don’t care who judges you. Also, seriously useful for when you’ve got cold feet on the bus. It’s a blanket, and a scarf. That is sort of an essential, right?

4: Okay, and this isn’t an essential, but it is the bag that I use every single day. It’s a Longchamp tote bag, and after buying a fake version in Turkey two years ago *slaps own wrist*, I wore it until it fell apart and then shelled out for a real version. It’s durable, it goes with everything, and it’s big enough to fit in a scarf and a million cardigans (and a thermos, an inflatable igloo and a medium sized gas lamp).

5: This pretentious looking water bottle has a built in filter, and it’s the best thing ever. It purifies the water, makes it taste better, and also means that I can be lazy and refill from the bathroom tap without the yucky taste. Having a bottle that doesn’t get crushed and eventually lost means that I drink so much more water, and always remember to have this bottle with me. You do have to replace the filter once every three months, but at £8 per filter this is the same as buying four or five disposable water bottles, and I know I’d end up buying way more than that because I’m so so forgetful about keeping and refilling disposable bottles.

So that’s it – I’d love for you to check out the things I’ve recommended, and I’m always on the look out for recommendations, so holla at me!

Keep warm, winter really is coming!!

PV x

Stencilled Wall Art DIY

Recently I heard that Abi (my sister) was trying out an ambitious stencilling project and I forced asked her to blog about it. She obligingly did, and it looks amazing! Here’s how she did it…


Since it has been more than ten minutes since we redecorated something in the flat we felt the time had come for a change, but being on a budget meant I wanted to spend the smallest possible amount of money but see the biggest change.

I therefore decided to re-vamp our tiny spareroom.

I really like feature walls as I think they are a great way to inject some colour into a room without the danger of shrinking the room with a bright colour on all four walls. Wallpaper is great for this, but can be expensive to get the pattern you want and you have to be able to hang it yourself (or be able to exploit the help of a charming relative) which can be tricky. I therefore decided to try my hand at stencilling, which has the added bonus over wallpaper that when you come to move out of your rented flat you don’t have to spend the best part of a month scraping at the walls with a spoon quietly weeping as your try to convince stubborn scraps of paper to part company with your walls, you can just repaint!

I was inspired by this blog post on A Beautiful Mess

IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3023 IMG_3026

Firstly, you will need to choose your base colour and then a design you want to stencil on to it. You can choose any colour you like but bear in mind some factors like warmth of the colour and whether it will clash with existing furnishings. The stencil pattern should be something quite simple so you can stencil it effectively and it will stand out as a bold repeating design.

It turned out to be harder than I thought to choose a design that we liked that wouldn’t prompt awkward questions about whether we were making the spare room in to a nursery (No Rob, it may not be dinosaur patterned) but eventually we settled on origami cranes.


  • Oiled stencil card (NB. I don’t know what oil was used on this card but I suspect oil-of-dead-badger as it smells really, really bad! Keep in well ventilated area!)
  • Sharp craft knife
  • Paint Pen in colour of your choice
  • Temporary spray adhesive or masking tape to hold your stencil in place
  • Acrylic wall paint in a colour of your choice (measure your wall to see how much you will need)

All of these are available from your local HobbyLobby or Homebase for a reasonable price (my total bill came to £27) and you can keep the cost down further by using this as an opportunity to use up any left over paint and tools from other projects.

Firstly, prep and paint your chosen wall with a brush or roller, some people seem able to get a beautiful straight line in the corners but if you are anything like me this feat will elude you and you will have to resort to masking the edges, skirting boards and sockets with copious amounts of masking tape. It is better to do 2 thin coats than to try and do one thick one and remember it may take more coats depending on the original colour of your room.

Once it is completely dry remove the masking tape and then it is time to start stencilling.

Depending on your artistic bent you may choose to draw the design yourself or simply apprehend the design of a more talented person for your own uses, but either way lay your design (the size you want it to appear on your wall) on your stencilling card, secure it with tape so it doesn’t slip and carefully cut around it with a craft knife.

I made 3 stencils of the same design in varying sizes but you are limited only by your imagination (or your desire to spend large portions of your day cutting stencils).

IMG_3027 IMG_3028 IMG_3045 IMG_3048

This done, you are now ready to start stencilling your wall. It’s a good idea to have a test run on a spare piece of cardboard or something so you are confident you can get a sharp line before you progress to the wall.

Apply a light layer of the temporary spray adhesive to the stencil and stick it in position on the wall. Then carefully trace around the inside with the paint pen, taking care not to press too hard or the lines could bleed under the stencil card. Leave the stencil in place until you are certain that the paint is dry and you can remove it without smudging. Depending on the complexity of your design you may also have additional lines to add so just make sure you allow each layer to dry completely first.

I was so happy with how this feature wall turned out. It can be hard to get the lines perfectly sharp with no smudging or bleeding but how much this will affect you will depend on your levels of perfectionism and how close up the wall will be viewed.

Overall its a really fun project, it’s very easy to do and is incredibly diverse with pretty much limitless design potential… get stencilling!

Thank you so much Abi for sharing your home with us today – I love the cranes design!

PV x

27/52 – Mr Fogg’s Cocktail Bar


Hidden in a small back alley, in the heart of Mayfair, London keeps an intriguing little secret. Mr Phileas Fogg, triumphantly returned from his recent circumnavigation of the globe, (in a record time of just eighty days), has settled down with his loyal manservant, a few treasures from his travels, and a small number of incredibly talented cocktail barmen.

Approaching this eccentric establishment, one is first introduced to Mr Fogg himself (a rather gruff bouncer gorgeously attired in a small waistcoat), and then, responding to the sound of the good old fashioned doorbell, Fogg’s manservant, Passepartout, ushers his esteemed guests into the wonderland of exotic cocktails and neatly dressed waiters which is Mr Fogg’s front living room.

IMG_2106 IMG_2094

Tom recommended this amazing cocktail bar as a fancy destination for Rob’s 21st Birthday, and so, suitably attired in our finest clothing, we headed into Mayfair one Wednesday evening in search of the famously elusive establishment. Mayfair itself is such a lovely part of London. Although many of the designer shops and fancy restaurants would be a little outside the common budget, it’s fun for us East Londoners to wander the streets (especially in the evening), casually stroll past the Ritz, window shop the many boutiques, and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere of the W1 nightlife.

Not far from Green Park stations lies the door to Mr Fogg’s. It’s definitely not obvious to a casual observer, but luckily Tom knew where he was going, and the waistcoated doorman makes it easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. I had booked ahead because there were six of us, and I would definitely recommend doing this because it can get very busy, (and also it’s so fun telling ‘Mr Fogg’ your name, and then having him invite you inside and thank you most cordially for your reservation!)


The inside is so impressive. It’s a (relatively) small space, which makes the atmosphere just intimate enough to feel special, but when it’s busy it’s full of conversation and life without being too loud. It’s light enough to see the menu (why are some bars so dark?) and the music is just loud enough to promote conversation without being overpowering. Also, there’s a taxidermied otter driving a mini horse and carriage.

Yep, did I mention the decor? It is amazing! A genteel drawing room mixed with a curiosity shop, with lots of comfortable sofas and armchairs – the walls are lined from the floors all the way to the high ceilings with books and pictures, and literally everything else that Mr Fogg could conceivably have collected from his travels, from skulls and spears to pith hats and pairs of skis.

The bar, which takes up one whole wall, is incredibly well stocked, and the menu is the most diverse I have ever seen. Cocktails of every conceivable kind, as well as champagnes, wines and fine spirits are available, ranging from the £12-£20 cocktail to a £40 measure of whisky, a £350 bottle of wine, or, if you’re feeling spendy, perhaps a £4000 bottle of champagne?


We spent so long poring over the menu, because every single cocktail sounds so good! We eventually made up our minds, and a lovely lady in a swishy skirt took our order. All of the cocktails looked and tasted amazing, but Scott managed to pick the most interesting drinks of the night – first the ‘Smoking carriage’ which arrived in a small wooden box, which, when opened to reveal the drink, spilled out a cloud of delicious smelling steam (so mysterious!) and next a shot of black absinthe which came with a gorgeous water decanter (with little taps which reminded me of the bit in Harry Potter where the sink opens up to reveal the Chamber of Secrets), which could be delicately strained through a lump of sugar presented on a silver slotted spoon.

IMG_2083 IMG_2128

Apparently the diluted absinthe with sugar actually tasted pretty good, but I was happy to stick to the ‘Trans-Siberian Express’, a gorgeous pink cocktail with champagne, pineapple juice and grey goose vodka. We stayed for three hours and happily sampled a couple of cocktails each. The atmosphere is so relaxed, it’s easy to make conversation and just chill out with friends, and is clearly a popular destination for the after-work-drinks crowd.

IMG_2120 u

Although a little pricier than some London destinations, I honestly think it’s worth it for such fabulous surroundings (but don’t forget that they will add a service charge to your final bill). We had such a good time celebrating Rob’s birthday, and must heartily thank Mr Fogg for being such a gracious host.

PV x

IMG_2087 IMG_2124 IMG_2130 IMG_2079

* To find out more about Phileas and friends, or to reserve your own corner of Mr Fogg’s abundant living room, you can visit the website by clicking here *

Shirts for dayssss

I’m writing this from the depths of my duvets and many many blankets, because, seriously, Winter is Coming. It is so freakin’ cold, guys! I’m wearing so many socks I can’t even walk so I’ll be staying in bed for the foreseeable future. Netflix, here I come. (Also I don’t have any food so I’m going to resort to eating my lip balm unless I can convince somebody else to bring me food… do you think Dominoes will deliver to my bedroom?)

With increasing fear of the cold weather which is approaching oh so rapidly, I’ve been trying to bulk up my wardrobe appropriately. I own a coat now, which is something I’ve never done before (I’m such an adult – and also so toasty warm – coats are amazing, I want more), and I’ve also been trying to add some long sleeve items as well as items which I can easily layer with other clothing. To this end, I’ve totally fallen in love with patterned shirts. They layer with everything, go great with jeans (my go-to A/W wear) and there are so many patterns and styles available. It’s a good staple wardrobe for the lazy fashionista. Just to save you a job, (I’m the best) I’ve picked out some lovely shirts to brighten up your wardrobe and save you from the frostbite in the coming months. Button up, kids.


The best thing about a see through shirt is that everybody can see how tanned I still am from Turkey… I’M KIDDING. The best thing about it is that you can easily layer under and over it with a camisole and a cardigan in the day time, and then maybe swap to a bandeau or a crop top for nights out. Twice the wear out of these gorgeous sheer tops!

1: Mango, £34.99 2: Asos, £22 3: H&M, £12.99 4: Asos, £36 Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 05.00.11 pm

Apparently leopard print is a thing again? You can bet I’m celebrating. Remember when leopard print used to be sort of tacky? Maybe that was just all the 90s sitcoms I used to watch but I am so happy it seems to be making a come back! (That blue shirt in the middle is made of silk by the way – so luxurious. Now I own a coat I feel like the next step is to own something made of silk, right?)

1: Dorothy Perkins, £15.40 2: Topshop, £42 3: H&M, £29.99 4: Topshop £38 1

Yeah, wasn’t kidding when I said I was loving the leopard print! I’ve also found more ‘vintagey’ (as if that’s a word) prints cropping up everywhere this season. I like the subtler ones, like number 2, above, and I especially like that if you do buy vintage from a vintage clothes shop, this style of shirt can easily be tucked in, so even if it’s a little oversized, you don’t have to look like you’re wearing your dad’s old shirts (Although I did actually rock this look in my early teens…)

1: Asos, £36 2: Asos, £25 3: Asos, £28 4: Asos, £26 Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 05.00.11 pm copy

I just love the variety of patterns and designs that all fall under this one easy style. It’s also a pretty style that’s going to last a good number of winters (and maybe summers for that little pink palm tree number), and that’s why I think that even the pricier shirts in this list would be worth the investment. And If the weather carries on like this, anything with long sleeves could turn into your favourite investment yet!

1: New Look, £17 2: Topshop, £38 3: New Look, £8 4: Dorothy Perkins, £18

Now.. which one do I choose?!

Hope you’ve also been inspired to protect yourself from the harsh and vicious winter with some gorgeous patterned shirts!

PV x